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October 9, 2017

An Open Letter to Ted Ghorra – Head of the Brooklyn Republican Party



Dear Ted  Ghorra,


A “chit-chat” took place this Summer with your candidate, John Quaglione and others.  Your candidate blabbed about it all over the place as we heard about more than a month ago. John Quaglione spoke to journalist, Julianne Cuba about “the placeholder candidate” because he thought it was a great plan. The journalist isn’t a fortuneteller and the switcheroo went down exactly as Quaglione explained. If Cuba misquoted your candidate, John Quaglione would have cried on social media and sent out press releases to  every other paper.


Ted, how do you explain to your family that you backed a man who had to scheme to control an election? The truth is, if you had a better candidate, the Conservative Party would be irrelevant at this point.  The Brooklyn GOP should be pushing men who have valued this community, not people, like John Quaglione who “played politics” and doesn’t care who gets taken down in a lie (Julianne Cuba). 


While the Brooklyn GOP website boasts that you are fed up with the insanity of NYC politics and corruption, your silence and failure to act in this situation does not show that.  In fact, the pictures on the Brooklyn GOP Facebook show that you support this nonsense.  Are you just a figurehead for the GOP,  while others have the control? 





The “placeholder candidate” is part of Iran’s politics AND BAY RIDGE IS NOT IRAN. If the Republican Party is now practicing Middle Eastern politics, let residents know.  A free election isn’t possible if John Quaglione is sitting on three party lines which were part of “a deal.”  Update: And Quaglione still lost with 3 parties.


Gerald Kassar threw you and Quaglione under the bus because he said he didn’t know anything about it. Kassar claimed that “Quaglione said the journalist lied.”  Kassar thinks he is clever, as he probably thought the journalist wouldn’t print the story. But Julianna Cuba isn’t controlled by the politicians, like other journalists in our area and she isn’t afraid to print the truth.  Quaglione should have apologized by now as Cuba shouldn’t be used to cover up his loose lips.   


Bay Ridge sees the truth. This isn’t Iran, Ted.  Your family has to live in the mess that you allow. The Republican Party continues to be crippled by people running their personal agendas. Why are you allowing it?


Please do the right thing and allow Bay Ridge to have a free election.  Quaglione’s name shouldn’t be on  positions he didn’t earn in an election, but rather schemed for. I’ve called for John to do this, but he lacks integrity and doesn’t care if there are free elections here. The Brooklyn GOP can’t promote a man who bragged about a backroom deal and has no respect for democracy.


January 2018 Update: How many elections will you sit and watch every one of your candidate voted against because you won’t choose men or women who represent this community? Did you see notice in the last election many residents in Brooklyn voted for no one rather than for Nicole Malliotakis for Assembly?



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