November 29, 2017

Omar Vaid – Stay in Williamsburg!


Omar Vaid is running to be a Congressman to represent Bay Ridge and Staten Island, but he lives in Williamsburg.  I saw the info in Kadia Goba’s article over here.


Why isn’t he running to represent Williamsburg? So I asked him on Twitter.





And he ignored my question. Or maybe Omar just feels he doesn’t have to answer women.  I don’t know why he didn’t reply, but a non-response now shows he won’t be a good leader.


Yup typical politician. 




Omar was on Twitter this evening just tweeting about Trump:






Please stay in Billysburg Omar – we have enough people running for office. If you don’t live here then your interests aren’t here. I guess Omar didn’t see what happened with carpetbagger, Bob Capano -> Bay Ridge wasn’t interested. 






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