April 15, 2018

Omar Vaid and the #Bluewave2018





Update:  Omar Vaid’s April 15, 2018 filing contains a Williamsburg address – see here


Proof that Omar Vaid  has not  been truthful to the #Bluewave:




This woman tweeted that Omar has lived here 10 years. She doesn’t realize that Omar just moved into Bay Ridge. Omar lived in Williamsburg. (Proof from current newspaper).  When I tweeted that to her, she blocked me. She didn’t want to know the truth.



Then Omar Vaid liked her tweet that contained the lie.  Omar didn’t speak the truth because the truth doesn’t bring donations.






In November, I tried tweeting Omar Vaid about why he was running in my area, rather than in his area of Williamsburg. Omar Vaid did not respond.   I’ve had this happen before so I realized Omar Vaid was not running to represent me.   



Rosie O’Donnell donated $2700 to Vaid’s campaign. Why didn’t she look at the CD11 book that the Fight Back Bay Ridge group made (see here). Every community has a Fight Back Group now. 


If Rosie had done her research, she would have found that Omar Vaid chose not to participate in the survey.  It was free and open to all candidates. Either he didn’t want us to know his views on a particular question or he knew he wasn’t running as a candidate in this election and is just running an online campaign.



Tonight a man who supports Omar Vaid didn’t even know our neighborhood was called Bay Ridge. The man admitted to being from North Carolina. Why is he interfering in our election?









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