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February 1, 2018

NYC Sanitation Commissioner Garcia Wasted Money






Commissioner Garcia thinks New Yorkers have money to burn. The Sanitation Department has six mascot outfits designed, created and then hired actors to wear these costumes at events. Now they want to charge New Yorkers to pick up our garbage to encourage NY’ers to recycle.







Why did these mascots need to be at MCU Park? People recycle there already. Ohhh sorry, the Commissioner wanted to hang out there.  MCU park wouldn’t even use the Department of Sanitation as they need to hire a private carting company for their garbage.





The costume below is just stupid. I thought it was a piece of cardboard, but a person is wearing this costume too. So there are SIX Mascots because one or two cost too little and the Sanitation Department has money to burn!





Why couldn’t one Department in NYC say, “Oh this year we aren’t going to waste money and we just bought necessities to see how little we could spend?




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