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April 1, 2017

While the NY Assembly is Voting, Nicole Malliotakis is Drawing

Nicole Malliotakis, Assemblywoman for Bay Ridge gets so little done. Do you wonder why?


Here’s Nicole Malliotakis taking out her phone and pink heart pencil to draw Governor Cuomo. Look where she is….oh at work?! This assemblywoman thought it was okay to bring her art supplies to her job. While everyone is voting on the budget and discussing why they are voting a particular way, she’s drawing and posting her drawings on social media. She’s even framed some.


Are any men in the Assembly doing this? No ,of course not because it’s unprofessional. Does she think this is cute or funny? This is a setback for women who work as diligently as men and want equality in the workplace.  What’s next? Is she’s going to do her nails there?


Now we know why Nicole Malliotakis is not respected in government and no one listens to her when she speaks.


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