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October 2, 2017

Nicole Malliotakis ~ The Staten Island Flip Flop




For years, Malliotakis has benefited from a lot of “press release politics” that plagues Staten Island and Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.  Now that she wants to play Mayor, journalists are showing she is a political flip flop.


1)  Three years ago, Nicole Malliotakis spoke out against the campaign finance system. Now Malliotakis is using the same program she deemed unnecessary (see here)


2) Nicole Malliotakis voted against gay marriage (see bill below). In 2017, she said she wished she didn’t (see here).  “This is a slap in the face to the leaders of the Conservative Party.” fumed Mike Long (see here).






3) In 2016, Nicole Malliotakis voted for Trump. Now she wishes she wrote in Marco Rubio so that she could say now that she voted for Marco Rubio.  Not only did she vote for Trump, but she went to the inauguration and the ball as well.  Republicans are not happy about her denouncing Trump.



4)  Nicole Malliotakis has repeatedly voted against the New York Dream Act. She boasted on Twitter how many times she voted against it and kept complaining because the Assembly kept bringing the bill back.   Now Malliotakis is speaking out in favor of DACA.  In a recent article, Malliotakis stated that immigration needs reform. She said that years ago in Bay Ridge as well, but Nicole Malliotakis has done nothing to help reform immigration.





In 2013  Nicole Malliotakis voted for Senator Marty Golden’s bill giving huge tax breaks to developers in Manhattan. After she voted for this bill, she was silent about it on social media, even though she had active accounts on Facebook and Twitter. When will Malliotakis flip and speak out against the tax breaks for developers?





September 20th, Team Malliotakis thinks they still have a chance in the election. Summer’s over guys – throw in the beach towel with the flip flop!




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