July 21, 2014

Nicole Malliotakis Plays Politics AND Wastes Taxpayers Money


Nicole Malliotakis, Assemblywoman for Staten Island and Bay Ridge plays Politics and Wastes Our Money!

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I have been following Nicole Malliotakis’ work for several months after several things about her started to not add up, especiallywhen she voted in favor of Marty Golden’s bill to give huge tax breaks to rich developers!








On March 6th, someone tweeted to ask Malliotakis about the pet tattoo bill. I looked up the bill on the NY Assemby Bill Search and found  Bill A739D-2013 sponsored by Linda Rosenthal, a Manhattan assemblywoman. Although there were several assembly people who co-sponsored the pet tattoo/piercing bill, Malliotakis was not listed on the bill.

I sent the link to the person on Twitter who was asking about it so they would know who they could contact Rosenthal about the bill. This was my tweet to them:

  On March 12th Nicole Mallotakis submitted an almost identical bill A09058 to the Assembly. I  have no idea why Ms. Malliotakis would initiate a pet tattoo bill on March 12th when there was already a pet tattoo bill that was in the Assembly.


  Wouldn’t Ms. Malliotakis have known about the bill since the Assembly would be voting on it in the Spring session? Let’s say that Ms. Malliotakis was very busy and was didn’t know about what is going on in the Assembly. Malliotakis definitely knew about Rosenthal’s bill from my tweet on March 6th and seen Rosenthals March 6th press release. Malliotakis’ office told me that she is the only one who manages her twitter account.


  After Malliotakis submitted the bill,  she sent out a press release that many of our local papers carried with pictures of Malliotakis and no mention of Linda Rosenthal. Even stranger, Malliotakis had Senator Marty Golden listed as the bill supporter. DOESN’T MARTY GOLDEN KNOW MORE ABOUT UPCOMING BILLS THAN I DO? Why would Golden sponsor a bill when there is an identical bill ready to be voted on? Either Golden is not knowledgeable about current bills or HE’S PLAYING POLITICS AS WELL by co-sponsoring duplicate legislation.


  By “playing politics”, I mean that both Malliotakis and Golden released press releases (and Golden’s here) about this bill so that when Rosenthal’s bill passed the Assembly with a vote of 132 to 0, people here in Bay Ridge and Staten Island would think it was the work of our officials. While the news and papers like Time , CNN, The Washington Times  and The Daily News cheered Rosenthal for her work as an animal advocate, local papers in  Staten Island and Southwest Brooklyn (even right before the Assembly voted unanimously on Rosenthal’s bill May 30th) some journalists published Malliotakis’ press release in full or part and failed to mentioned the work of Linda Rosenthal. 


  One paper editor even tried to tell me Malliotakis wrote the bill in 2012. He was surprised when I sent him this link to Rosenthal’s 2011 pet tattoo bill.  HELLO JOURNALIST – how about you do a little research and verify the information instead of just printing press releases?  

Eventually, Malliotakis’ name appears as a co-supporter of Rosenthal’s bill. Since Assemblywoman Malliotakis is a co-sponsor of Linda Rosenthal’s bill, didn’t Ms. Malliotakis promote that bill and all the work Rosenthal has done for pets? It’s pathetic to see a grown woman not promote another women who is doing what needed to be done.  It’s all about playing politics my friends!
So Bay Ridge and Staten Island while you are wondering why your government doesn’t work for us, it’s because Ms. Malliotakis is playing politics and wasting time creating duplicate bills to send through the Assembly Agricultural Department and then sending press releases to our local papers to make it seem like she and Marty did the work for the pet tattoo bill.


 Don’t worry though, Malliotakis  is busy writing resolutions such as  Resolution K1234-2013 to Welcome the Girl Scouts of Staten Island to Albany Day and another Resolution to make May 16th Take your bike to work day.

After the failure of  Malliotakis and Borelli’s Apple Plan Education, we all knew we needed better leadership for Bay Ridge and Staten Island!



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