September 11, 2019

Nicole Malliotakis….No We Don’t Need a Fake Unity Task Force



John Alexander of the Brooklyn Reporter wrote that Nicole Malliotakis is trying to revive the Unity Task Force. YIKES! 

I gave Malliotakis the benefit of the doubt last week. Of course, Malliotakis proved that a leopard can’t change it’s spots.

A lot of people were fooled by the first Bay Ridge Breakfast Club. When they first formed the group, they may have been more ambitious as they planned a cleanup and had a community picnic in 2003. But those activities didn’t continue. All that the BRBC (Bay Ridge Breakfast Club) did was meet to eat breakfast and take a picture once a year. You can’t change the dynamics of a community struggling with cultural differences at a once-a year meeting. Hate crimes can’t be dealt with once a year.

Anyone who spoonfed the community the BRBC nonsense knew people were not paying attention…we were busy living life.  But now there are enough people watching. See the history of the BRBC here

We’ve lived in Bay Ridge for a decade and when hate crimes happened, Nicole Malliotakis and El Yateem were silent. Most times, Malliotakis didn’t even issue a statement when things happened – no one did.


There is no reason to revive the BRBC because it was  ineffective for many years….and actually might be the reason issues in the community weren’t dealt with. 

Along with Malliotakis was,  Reverend Khader Khalilia, (the nephew of El-Yateem) ran the revived meeting last week. Let’s look at that! 




a) Redeemer St John’s Lutheran Church,  where the meeting was held is at 939 83rd Street.  That is not in Nicole Malliotakis’ district.  It is Assembly woman Mathylde Frontus’ district.   Although I don’t know Assemblywoman Mathylde Frontus personally, I do know she has always worked with the clergy and leaders to build the community. Why wasn’t she invited?

b)  Also not present at the meeting –> Councilman Justin Brannan and Senator Andrew Gounardes. Both politicians haven’t missed a beat on having an inclusive neighborhood and stomping out hate (they both have missed a lot of beats on property taxes and supporting home owners). Brannan and Gounardes  would have made it a point to be that meeting if they were invited.


c) Malliotakis doesn’t have an office in Bay Ridge. All the Democrats have offices in the area. Why didn’t Reverend Khader Khalilia contact them? It’s so strange that he left them out….unless  he planning to run for office and pretend the Democrats didn’t do anything to help community relations.

Just a FYI on this topic. Congressman Max Rose doesn’t shy away from these conversations. Where was his invitation?


The missing politicians is a sign of the divisiveness that surrounds this project.   Why didn’t Malliotakis invite her colleagues?  Was she worried Dr. Frontus would be interested in doing the real work and not simply eating breakfast and taking a picture!  

BTW, I didn’t forget the missing money that was supposed to go to the drug center. Did you?  See here




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