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October 11, 2017

Nicole Malliotakis Isn’t the American Dream…..



Nicole Malliotakis announced during last night’s debate, “I am the American Dream.”


My house laughed.


Malliotakis isn’t the American Dream. How do we know? Because like most of you, we know someone who is the American Dream.


When you meet someone who is the American Dream, one thing radiates about them -> they want for others to live the American Dream as well. 


Malliotakis is the heartless daughter of two immigrants. While she could have passed legislation to help other immigrants in a system that shuts them out, Nicole Malliotakis has spent years fighting against the Dream Act. Instead of fighting against an immigration system that doesn’t work, she spent her time fighting against Dreamers having an education. Then she wasted more time suing the city over the NYC ID cards. 


Nothing was accomplished with either EXCEPT that Nicole Malliotakis wasted a lot of time. Why didn’t anyone stop Nicole from wasting her time? No one in her family or among her friends said, “Hey Nicole take it down a notch. Pursue something that is going to help people.” 


Tonight, when I asked a  Malliotakis supporter what Malliotakis’ accomplishments in Bay Ridge were, she had difficulty responding. She sent me a link to an article about Malliotakis fighting the Dream Act.  This resident couldn’t understand that when you educate people, they can take care of their families and become active members in their communities. At the debate tonight, Malliotakis spoke about a boxing program in her area whereby the NYPD works with teens – that’s not in Bay Ridge. She could have brought that program to Brooklyn, but she’s just not that motivated to do things here. 


At the end of this election, Nicole will realize that people didn’t know her or her work because she has wasted so much time.



Many NY’ers wanted an alternative to deBlasio, but we aren’t interested in seeing the Hunger Games happen in NYC under a Malliotakis administration.


Maybe this election is a wake-up call to the daughter of immigrants.  Malliotakis has flip-flopped on so many of her personal stances. Could the Staten Islander have learned empathy along the election road? Maybe, but it’s more likely that this is election season and  Nicole is a professional politician who will say anything to win.



When the election is over, maybe Nicole Malliotakis will stop the “press release politics” and actually create bills  that will change people’s lives because the American Dream is only achieved through hard work, not press releases.



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