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November 4, 2018

Malliotakis Hasn’t Helped Bay Ridge Businesses


Brooklyn Eagle

In 2014, Nicole Malliotakis stood with members of the Third Avenue Merchants Association and a store owner and Paula Katinas from the Brooklyn Eagle told us that Malliotakis was helping the merchants with NFIB.




It’s 2018 and that store has a ‘FOR RENT’ sign.  And it’s a store a lot of residents in Bay Ridge love.

The rent for stores like the one above is close to $4000 a month.   

Paula Katina’s article included this quote:



Nicole Malliotakis hasn’t help small businesses in Bay Ridge. See here


Yesterday, Nicole Malliotakis took pictures  with store owners in Bay Ridge – we saw that the Third Avenue Merchants Association wasn’t with her.


Thank God.


Can you imagine how frustrating it must be for these shop owners to see Nicole Malliotakis only during election season?


Meanwhile, stores are closing on 3rd and 5th Avenue, even ones which have been in business for a long time.   Marty Golden and Malliotakis haven’t done a thing about it.  

Nicole Malliotakis and Marty Golden even had the nerve to stand in our neighborhood and discuss why ebay and online sales shouldn’t be taxed (see here and here). 

Where are the tax breaks for small business owners that make this community great? 

Malliotakis sees this position as a stepping stone. After wasting time and running for Mayor, Malliotakis forgot to do anything for this neighborhood – see what little information Malliotakis sent to Community Board 10.   

Nicole Malliotakis should hae been one of the first ones talking about the SHSAT, but it took her a long time to respond.


In 2016, 10,000 people didn’t vote for Nicole Malliotakis – they voted for no one.


Malliotakis and her team take my blog post personally.  They don’t realize that we expect Nicole to do the job of an assembly woman and not just take pictures or write on social media about Mayor de Blasio.



This is our neighborhood and we will be here long after Nicole Malliotakis.

Malliotakis doens’t have the connection to this community needed to lead here or she never would have left her office looking like this so that someone else would have to clean it.   

Vote for #BayRidge this year…..regardless of your political party.



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