May 7, 2017

Nicole Malliotakis Doesn’t Know Her Own Story so She Can’t Comprehend Anyone Else’s Either.


Nicole Malliotakis NY Assemblywoman


In the Crain’s article, writer  pressed Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis for details on her father’s immigration process to America. Malliotakis said, “I can ask him, I never really asked him the specific details about how he came here,” she said.

While we were growing up, we didn’t need to ask our families for their immigration story, it was told to us many times. We are third and fourth generation Americans, but the story of our relatives immigrating to America was important enough to be retold to us because it let’s us know we should be grateful to live in a free country and our ancestors didn’t have it so easy. Their voyages to America back then were not easy and their desire to be Americans was strong. My great grandmother’s passage through Ellis Island was made easier by a stranger who helped her fill out a form because she didn’t know English.

Malliotakis introduces herself to the media as the daughter of immigrants.  This middle aged woman feels that is an important point to make about herself,  yet she never cared to ask her father how he became a citizen. Maybe that’s the reason she is so callous towards undocumented citizens. Malliotakis lives with her parents and it’s strange that her father didn’t offer the details of his story while Malliotakis waged a war against immigrants. I guess Malliotakis spends her time talking to him about her free trip to China and how NYC needed her to go to Communist China to encourage business here in America.


Usually first generation Americans know their family’s story clearly, so it’s strange Malliotakis does not.  Malliotakis has been talking about passing legislation to improve the immigration process FOR YEARS, but she hasn’t done ANYTHING about it. 


Pope Francis has asked people to take care of immigrants.


Here’s the thing: The broken immigration system is hurting women and children because the police probably aren’t called for many situations as women are afraid to be put in jail or be deported because they aren’t legal citizens. Politicians like Malliotakis should be ashamed that they haven’t taken a stand for women. Regardless if you are against undocumented residents, be decent.



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