May 7, 2019

Casa Calamari Moves to 85th Street – Now Leo’s



Leo’s Casa Calamari has moved to 8502 3rd Avenue. 718-921-1900

Leo’s new place replaced Luigi’s Pizza (which posted a sign that they were renovating, but never returned)



The old Casa Calamari location that everyone knows at 8602 – 3rd Avenue has now closed. But it’s still the same owner and restaurant – on Seamless it is listed as Leo’s Casa Calamari.


casa calamari is now leos in bay ridge



My husband loves the baked macaroni and cheese from Casa Calamari.  When I told him this was the same owner he said, “Good, he deserves it, his food is consistently good, delivered hot and he doesn’t nickel and dime customers (no delivery charge on Seamless).” 

Good luck at the new place Leo! 

This is a great corner to have a business, especially since Van Leeuwen Ice Cream is opening across the avenue and Baci is opening across the street.



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