September 9, 2020

New Business Owner was Shot at in Bay Ridge




Sammy Hamden is opening a new restaurant on 86th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue in Bay Ridge. It’s near the Spectrum store. 





On Monday night around 10:30 pm, a thief robbed his chain and shot at him while he was working on. Thankfully, Sammy was not in the line of this bullet that went through the entire freezer. 



The thief’s gun jammed. Then the thief made a getaway.   Watch the video and hear the great story of  how the robber was captured and arrested by the 68th Precinct.   See here    

We’re glad Sammy is okay.

Another win for the 68th Precinct NYPD. Oh  yeah….who’s defunding them??

Why are we hearing about armed robbery from the the news, instead of local officials like Senator Gounardes and Councilman Brannan? This happened five blocks away from Andrew Gounardes office. Does he know?  Does he care?  There was no mention of this incident on either politician’s social media or sites!





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