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  • July 30, 2016

    Is Councilman Carlos Menchaca A Coward?


    carlos menchaca councilman carlos menchaca brooklyn sunset park


    At the beginning of July, there  was an incident outside the mosque on 53rd and 3rd Avenue in Brooklyn. Muslim teens said they were attacked by man. The man contends these the teens were harassing his fiance.






    Initially everyone was calling it a hate crime. I wrote about it on both Twitter and here because it was released to looked like a hate crime.  We were shown a video where teens were attacked. We were all shocked because no one wants anyone in their community to be picked on for their religion. Christopher Vallaro, the attacker seen in the video was labeled a Muslim hater. 


    carlos menchaca muslim sunset park




    There’s no mention of the incident on his twitter or his Facebook wall.  Why hasn’t Menchaca called for the whole video to be released? Why hasn’t Carlos Menchaca addressed the issue with the community? The men from the mosque stormed the next neighborhood (Bay Ridge) with the police from Sunset Park because they were so angry that they weren’t being heard!


    carlo menchaca muslim march
    Update: The protest was planned and The Islamic Society of Bay Ridge (6805 – 5th Avenue) was the group protesting.  If the event happened in Sunset Park, why did they bring the protest to Bay Ridge?
    muslim bay ridge
    From Here
    bay ridge muslims


    The NYPD announced that it wasn’t a hate crime. After seeing the teens bruised faces and people thought, “wow the system is rigged.”  The Muslim community urged people to contact their lawmakers to ask them to have the situation reviewed as a hate crime.


    Something isn’t right here.  


    When I looked up the address of the mosque and saw Carlos Menchaca was the Councilman, I realized why nothing was being done. I thought Menchaca was retiring. BUT ON 7/30 pictures were posted that he was running for re-election. REALLY?




    carlos menchaca hate

    Ironically, no one in Brooklyn has called on Councilman Menchaca to do something about this!  It’s like they know Menchaca isn’t going to do anything so they don’t even say his name. In Bay Ridge, if a garbage can rolls into the street, people want to call Councilman Gentile – an over exaggeration of course, but people say they will call Gentile for every little thing that happens in Bay Ridge. To see Councilman Menchaca completely ignore the issue and the community accepting that he isn’t doing ANYTHING is strange!


    While Menchaca was silent,  Assemblyman Felix Ortiz posted a message on Facebook:



    felix ortiz muslim hate


    Public Advocate Leticia James issued this: 


    letitica james hate crime
    There is hate in the Sunset Park community.  It’s either hate towards Muslims or hate towards women. Let’s get the tape and see the entire situation. I installed a security camera when I moved to Bay Ridge, but I also had one at my rental which we installed over 20 years ago. It had sound as well. I don’t know if the one near the Mosque has sound, but I would think it does since it has night vision.  Some reports say that nothing was said and some say that the word terrorist was shouted.



    The news came with more information about the crime later. The teens approached the car with the woman in it. One story  indicated that the teens thought they were speaking to a prostitute. Even if the teens thought the woman was a prostitute, why would they go and speak to her? If the teens thought this woman was a prostitute, were they speaking respectfully to her?  In some articles even stated that the boys reached into the car.  Why not release the tape to the public and let us see what happened five or ten minutes before the situation started.  Muslim leaders could show that the teens were not harassing the woman. If there are prostitutes in that area – then that is another issue that Councilman Menchaca needs to deal with.


    Then I saw the video of one of the teens, Ahmed Emrech.  I watched the video several times because Ahmed didn’t mention the woman at all. Actually Ahmed says the man either doesn’t like Muslims or is a Trump fan. Ahmed’s brother, Yousef says his brother was attacked for no reason. He actually blamed the situation on a personal vendetta on Muslims. 





    carlos menchaca muslim brooklyn





    If I was in car and some young men came up to my car at that time in the morning (1:00 AM),  I know I would be yelling for Lee on my cell phone. In Brooklyn, men don’t approach cars and speak to women unless there is an emergency. I would think it would be too bold of a move for these two teens to be reaching into the car…..Let’s see the tape.





    Even if the video shows that the teens instigated the situation, I in no way support the view that the teens deserved to be assaulted – the NYPD had charged Vallaro with assault.  However, I do think that Brooklyn people are very passionate towards those they love and I could understand his anger if the tape shows that the teens were messing with his fiance. 


    Why haven’t any any leaders  asked for the full video to be released to show the truth? 


    If Carlos Menchaca isn’t addressing the issue of Muslim hate or hate towards  women, then why is he in office?



    Why does this matter?   I’ve lived in the area all my life and people of all nationalities and religions have always gotten along.  Most people in Bay Ridge like their neighbors and have good friendships with them.  This incident happened in Sunset Park, but the 72nd Precinct allowed  a group to  storm Bay Ridge  even though the incident didn’t happen here.  The 72nd Precinct who declared it wasn’t a hate crime led the group into Bay Ridge because some media revealed the Golden endorsed Trump. Golden has not endorsed Trump yet (Congressman Dan Donovan DID so the 72nd Precinct should have taken the group to storm Donovan in Staten Island) OR MAYBE STORM CARLOS MENCHACA’S OFFICE FOR DOING NOTHING! If there is hate in Sunset Park towards Muslims or women, then Carlos Menchaca should be handling the situation and I haven’t seen him say or do anything.



    On March 13th, the photos of a man who sexually assaulted a woman on 50th Street in Sunset Park were released. Everyone in Sunset Park and Bay Ridge shared the photos. Yet, Councilman Carlos Menchaca did not share the story or the photos. Menchaca was silent.


    When it’s a hate crime – declare it. If it isn’t a hate crime and just simply a men acting inappropriately, it’s okay to say that as well.


    Finally, why did the 72nd Precinct ignore the call for protection near the Muslim holiday? These are questions that Carlos Menchaca needed to clear up for his community.


    mosque no protection carlos menchaca

    Why didn’t Menchaca do SOMETHING?  Either Menchaca doesn’t care or he is too much of a coward to deal with the issue with the community. The Councilman has been called out for lack of response before (here & here). It’s obvious to me that Menchaca believes leadership is dancing  and posting pictures to Instagram


    Leadership in Brooklyn is hard work and since the salary of a Councilperson increased this year, the people in Sunset Park are clearly being denied leadership!  Councilman Menchaca needs to get the entire tape of the situation, post it online and deal with the issues in the community (hate towards Muslims or women and prostitution if that is also an issue). 




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