January 28, 2016

Moms and Tots at St. Bernadettes – Mommy and Me – Brooklyn

St. Bernadette’s has a Moms and┬áTots Class (Mommy and Me). It is a class that meets every Monday and Friday for two hours (there are three time slots – see below). It’s for Moms or Dads and their two year old child. Mrs. DiGesaro, the teacher of this class is very sweet and the kids have fun! They play, have story time, sing, do arts &crafts and celebrate all of the holidays. This is a great class to get get your child to start socializing. The class meets all year (54 sessions) and cost $1000. ┬áThere are no more than 10 kids in the class.


moms and tots at St. Bernadettes 1000 for 54 2 hour sessions


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