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  • October 25, 2012

    Mindy Sigg is a hero.

    Mindy Sigg isn’t a name most people know.  Although, her 17 year old son, Austin’s name is all over the news though for the murder of Jessica Ridgeway in Colorado. 

    Mindy called the police and told them about her son’s involvement in 10 year old’s  murder.  When the police arrived at the home, Austin turned himself in. *This morning I thought I heard that Mindy discovered something on Austin’s Facebook page, but I wasn’t able to find that tonight in the news.*  But tonight there is news that he strangled the little girl in his car and put her body under the house – UGHHHHHHHH. So Mindy was probably tipped off by the smell of decomposition in her home.

    Many mothers want to know how Mindy Sigg could turn her son in?  Mindy turned Austin in to the police because she had to. It’s not Mindy’s fault that her son harmed one or more people, but if she lets it go because he is her son, she would also be responsible for children being harmed. Besides murdering someone, Austin has mental issues that need to be dealt with.  Some parents know that their children have problems, but look away from the problems because they don’t want to deal with them. When a young person does something so morally corrupt, there is a mental issue that needs to be handled.  Many parents don’t want to deal with serious issues and ignore it because they think their genes caused the problem. 

    For Mindy Sigg, calling the police was probably the hardest thing she had to do. But now Colorado is a bit safer. And even thought Austin Sigg has been arrested, parents are probably a little less eager to give their kids freedom because there are so many other Austin Sigg’s out there. 

    RIP Jessica Ridgeway.  I was so hopeful there was going to be a better ending to your story.


    Tweets on twitter about Austin are of course pointing to bullying, but bullying doesn’t make teens  kill little children.




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    One Response to “Mindy Sigg is a hero.”

    1. midwife2thesoul Says:
      October 29th, 2012 at 10:03 am


      How are you?
      I created a video in support of Mindy Sigg and other courageous mothers like her, so I figured I’d send you the link to it. Any and all of my videos are intended to bring comfort and may be downloaded and shared and/or be embedded in websites and such.


      My video is called: Roses and Thorns

      may it be of comfort…



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