October 14, 2020

Max Rose and Nicole Malliotakis Channel 1 Debate





Max Rose said he was opposed to defunding of the police from the get-go.

Max Rose said he believes we should be investing more in our police. 

Nicole Malliotakis said Max Rose never said a word about and attended rallies.  See here:



Nicole Malliotakis said Max Rose says one thing in a commercial and then he goes to Washington and votes to defund the police.



Max Rose on bail – he said Nicole and he had the same position. She said NO!   



Max Rose said this was a NYS Bill (meaning: Andrew Gounarardes, Malliotakis and Frontus voted on it). He said he went helped fix that bill.  Malliotakis said that the bail bill is far from fixed. Nicole said robbery and burglary are high due to the bail reform.




Malliotakis said that Max Rose took special interest money. Nancy Pelosi is very involved in this election. Rose originally agreed not to accept special interest money. Nicole questioned why should people trust Max if he says one thing and did the exact opposite.  


Rose said that he is consistently ranked as a bipartisan politician. He said he is independent of his party. Rose said that his bills have been signed by President Trump.




Lighting Round

Quick Questions from Errol

Errol Louis asked if the candidates will vote by absentee ballot, early voting or on Election Day. Malliotakis said she is voting early or on election day.  Rose said early voting.

Covid Test – Both had one  

Flu shot – Neither got it yet. 

Have you eaten at a restaurant – indoors or outdoors? Max Rose said he has eaten outdoors. Nicole ate indoors and outdoors.   

Yankees or Mets – both agreed on Yankees

Mass transit: Nicole took the subway in February. Max Rose said last month. 

Legalizing Pot  – Max Rose said Yes. Nicole Malliotakis said No.   

Covid Vaccine – Max Rose said he will take it. Malliotakis said Yes too. 

Somethings I will look into because of this debate:

a) Nicole Malliotakis said, “We can not rely on the Communist Chinese Party.” This is the second time this was mentioned this week. We have to look into what their role is in NYC.   

b) Nicole Malliotakis mentioned Police Officer Eddie Byrne’s program not being funded and that Max Rose voted for the attorney general to strip these funds. I wasn’t sure about what this was about.  Eddie Byrne was a police officer who was killed in 1988. (See here)  This article talks about the Trump Administrator withholding money from this program (See here)   Does anyone have any more info on this?








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