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July 9, 2018

Marty Golden’s Picture Sparks Racist Remarks



Early last week, residents shared pictures of a fence outside of a Dyker Heights home on 16th Avenue which contained a large advertisement. Next to it was a smaller blue banner (not posted since it has the owner’s phone number)


Immediately, Councilman Brannan responded to the resident that the commercial sign is not allowed in a residential area and he will report it.


Days later, Senator Golden stood in front of the sign and had his staff take his picture. Golden knew Brannan responded, but he still went there to take a picture.




When Golden posted this picture on Instagram, he received a lot of inappropriate responses which weren’t deleted right away. This tells everyone that those type of comments are okay. Social media lit up because most people in our community are good people and they don’t want anyone to experience hate. You can see some here and  more here.


Councilman Deutch commented:




Councilman Brannan wrote:




Golden should have never posted that picture to Instagram. The original post was on Facebook, so there was no reason to bring it to another social media platform, unless he wanted publicity. Golden knew Brannan had taken care of it, so he should have gone on to the next thing on his list.



Ironically two weeks ago, Golden sent a message to FIFA about the Albanian symbol because one of his staff members is Albanian. Yet he won’t address the comments left on his account. This is what young people in our community see. A better man would be able to address the needs of a diverse community better.



The comments to Senator Golden’s instagram picture have been deleted. Marty Golden did not give a statement. The sign still remains on the fence.  And this is why things don’t get done!


UPDATE: Councilman Justin Brannan had the sign removed.






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