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June 6, 2018

Mark Treyger’s Fake Outrage Over Pam Harris


Mark Treyger was given a direct question from Coney Island residents and instead of answering it, he went off on a tangent to talk about how people asked about Pam Harris’ education. Note to Mark: Pam Harris is gone and everyone is trying to move on from the mess you made with her.




Oh get ready for some bad acting. Treyger expressed fake outrage over people questioning Harris’ education. He was asked a direct question and he didn’t want to answer it.


The man asked him again because he thought Treyger didn’t understand him. “Did you take time out to vet a candidate from Coney Island?”  The resident is upset that someone from outside of the district is being asked to run. (I know how he feels because Treyger pushed a carpetbagger candidate in our district last November).  Now Mark Treyger is pushing Ethan Lustig Elgrably who used to work in his office.  





Treyger stated that no one asked about his education when he ran for office. Everyone knew Treyger was a teacher and his credentials were checked by the state so there was no reason for anyone to check. MARK TREYGER KNOWS THIS. 


Note to Mark Treyger:  Pam Harris  was charged with two counts of wire fraud, one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, four counts of making false statements, two counts of bankruptcy fraud, one count of witness tampering and one count of conspiracy to obstruct justice. SHE DID THAT ON HER OWN and some with your help as well (This is Treyger’s part:  Prosecutors say she applied for and misused $23,000 in funds from the City Council. Instead of spending it on children, she allegedly bought airplane and cruise tickets and paid off her Kohl’s and Victoria’s Secret retail accounts. (source)





It sounded like Treyger wanted to blame Bay Ridge residents for the Pam fiasco…Fraud had nothing to do with Bay Ridge!…..note to Treyger….no one is fooled by this – everyone knows you continued to fund Harris’ not-for-profit even after the news (and Pam) revealed the truth. Bay Ridge has nothing to do with you and Pam’s corruption except that Bay Ridge residents stood up against it (while Coney Island didn’t know because they didn’t read the papers). The FBI had to investigate because Mark Treyger failed to watch the money.





Mark Treyger needs to step down as Democratic District Leader because he is unable to support Democrats in the area who want to run and continues to bring unqualified friends to the area. He thinks the people don’t notice his stupid ploy for power.







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