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June 12, 2018

Mark Treyger Needs to Step Down





Days ago, Mark Treyger blamed Pam Harris’ problems on Bay Ridge……as if Pam Harris was the victim  – see here.  He couldn’t hear the community who elected him District Leader because of hubris.



Pam Harris plead guilty to four charges today. Remember during election season when she swore she was innocent and cried crocodile tears? We knew better.


Bay Ridge has known about the corruption for a long time and we are glad someone took action because Treyger won’t. Treyger pushed Harris even after we knew about some of the corruption. Even now in 2018, Tregyer has never acknowledged his role in allowing Pam to steal all of that money. The FBI had to investigate because Treyger didn’t take care of taxpayer’s money.



It’s time for Mark Treyger to step down as District Leader and allow someone with a connection to the community help choose and support leaders. Treyger doesn’t have the heart or the connection to our community. He is term-limited as a councilman and needs to seek a new position so our area is not his concern.


Here are Mark Treyger’s lousy endorsements as a leader:


Pam Harris for Assembly – Treyger pushed her even after the newspapers revealed she had done some corrupt things.


Nancy Tong – Treyger pushed an out of district candidate even though the community had a candidate. Tong didn’t live in the area and  and wasn’t able to answer simple questions about the diverse community of Bay Ridge. 


– Currently, Mark Treyger is pushing Ethan Lustig-Elgrably and Coney Island residents were annoyed with Treyger for not finding someone in the community to run for Assembly. Ethan Lustig-Elgrably worker for Treyger while the whole Pam Harris situation went on so Lustig-Elgrably knows no one is watching the assembly. #GimmeABreak   



Step Down Mark Treyger!!!



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