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September 14, 2018

Man Stabbed in Bay Ridge – 5th Ave. 73rd Street



Update 9/17: The police arrested Caleb Apolinaris, 21 and Moises Apolinaris, 44 – both from Bay Ridge for stabbing the 36 year old man.




The NYPD 68th Precinct announced that a man was stabbed on 5th Avenue and 73rd Street this evening, September 14, 2018:




The Citizen App was accurate with the police report tonight. Most times it isn’t accurate.





There are blood stains on the street. Councilman Brannan reported that the suspect was known to the police.




We are glad the victim is alive. 


We’ve had enough violence for awhile – a murder last week  on 93rd Street  and  an attempted rape on August 25th that wasn’t shared with residents until September


Take it easy people.



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