September 7, 2020

Michael Skully was Killed This Morning



Update 9/10/20:






This is the saddest and most tragic news.  See story here and here



Michael Skully went out to walk his dog on 74th Street and 7th Avenue at 6:50 am this morning. A later story in The Post reveals that Mike put his dogs inside the home before he was shot.



In the Post newspaper, cops said Mike knew the assailant and this was over money  (I’m don’t think this is true because today, Tuesday, they revealed that Mike walked across the street from the man. If he knew him why would he walk across the street from him – see here). (The original NY Post article is here: See here)

The Daily News wrote: “Cops said Scully had an argument with his killer after leaving his home to walk his dog. His adversary whipped out a gun, shot Scully and ran off.”  (Quote from the Daily News article) Update: See here

He was shot in his head and shoulders on the corner. Mike made it back to his home, 911 was called and he was taken to NYU Langone (Lutheran) hospital. Mike passed away at the hospital.

Police are searching for the shooter.  There are cameras all around that area and neighbors of the home said that the NYPD asked them for their footage. 





The news said that the shooter was a heavyset white man. The Citizen App stated: “Police report that the suspect is described as a white man wearing blue sweatpants, a dark baseball cap, and a black mask, carrying a black firearm, and last seen running northbound on 7th Avenue.”    See here   


Mike walked his dog each morning around the same time. He has five dogs – three were named after the Three Stooges. Neighbors were worried about the dog that he was walking.

Michael was only 62 years old. His neighbors told the news that Michael was loved by the people on his block.  People remembered Michael as being a generous man, who loved salsa dancing and Brooklyn. His friend retold the story of being promised.  Another person remembered Mike for bringing his dogs to church (Source)






RIP Mike.


Prayers for Michael’s family, friends and neighbors.






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