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February 5, 2018

Malliotakis – Mayor de Blasio – Property Tax


This is the first time I will write something positive about Nicole Malliotakis. It won’t last long, so enjoy it Nicole. Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis went after the Mayor during today’s meeting. The Mayor was left looking ridiculous because he has promised property tax reform, yet he isn’t delivering.






Malliotakis compared her Staten Island tax bill to the Mayor’s property tax bill in Park Slope.  The Mayor said people want more services and people want their property values to go up. I contacted the Mayor four years ago and his staff basically told me the same song. I don’t think he intends to fix the property tax system as it would increase his of Park Slope. 


The Mayor is incorrect – we weren’t looking for our property values to go up. When you buy a home that you expect to live in, you aren’t sitting around waiting for the property value to increase.


Malliotakis did a decent job of speaking up.  Although she didn’t mention that her constituents in Bay Ridge pay more than she does in Staten Island, she conveyed the message about the uneven distribution of property taxes.


After the meeting,  Malliotakis shriveled back up into the typical politician and did her traditional move of creating a petition and asking people to sign the petition. #USELESS  I’m not even going to link to her silly petition because a few years ago, we all signed Golden and Malliotakis’ petition to lower the Verrazano Bridge toll and we saw that got nowhere. The following year, they ran the same petition again and it went nowhere.


PS. To Malliotakis staffer that looks at this page all day long……he was mad that I wrote about Assemblywoman Malliotakis having only one message for the Bay Ridge Community Council in eight months – see here.




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