March 16, 2020

Lysol and Wipes in Bay Ridge

Updated 7/30


Lysol or Clorax Wipes in Bay Ridge:

1)Small Market on 3rd Avenue between 85th and 86th – they have fruit outside and the podiatrist is next door.

2) AJ Grocery 86th Street and Bay 21st has wipes and not lysol but another spray disinfectant 

2) D2 – 8701 – 4th Avenue. 

3)  Famacon Pharmacy 8007 – 5th Avenue





3)  Walgreens on 86th Street allowed 1 per customer.

4) Hossein Deli and Grocery – the corner of 3rd Avenue and Marine Avenue has Lysol spray. 

5) Ridge Chemist on the corner of Bay Ridge Avenue and Colonial Road has Clorax spray.


Lysol or Clorax Wipes Outside of Bay Ridge:

1)  D2 – 9th Street in Park Slope had them


2) Target on 18th Avenue has wipes 

3)  Costco in Staten Island – 1 package with 5 allowed.









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