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  • July 11, 2017

    Linda Sarsour’s Speech Includes ‘Jihad’

    When I first read that Linda Sarsour said the word ‘jihad,’ I immediately thought, “Oh someone is messing around with Linda’s speech” or they must have edited two videos together where she made the sound “Gee” and another video where she said “Had”  so they could put it together and make some drama on social media because they were bored.








    To my surprise, Linda Sarsour did say the word ‘jihad.’  She was speaking in Chicago at the annual Islamic Society of North America convention.  The speech is here and the video is here.  Sarsour explains what she meant by jihad hereThe 20 minute speech is more defensive than inspiring. Was the word ‘jihad’ necessary? Not really because Sarsour says the word stuggle right after it (maybe for those in the audience who don’t understand the language). If you have read up to this part obviously this story interests you, click on the video, scroll to the end and see the audience – they don’t look inspired, a few who are sitting with Sarsour are standing, but a lot aren’t even clapping.  


    Sadly, Sarsour’s children are scared.





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