March 30, 2020

Laundromats Still Open in Bay Ridge



UPDATE 4/4 – Bubbles and Suds laundry is coming back on 4/10 and 4/11 – ALL FOUR LOCATIONS





A few laundromats in the area closed up. Lee helps some people who needed a new laundry location.

1) The laundromat above is next door to Panentico on 9124 – 3rd  Avenue (diagonally across the street from Foodtown) 

2)  Laundry on Third378-95th Street (off 4th Avenue on 95th Street – its across the street from the library). Their website has the old address – they merged with Soapy’s.  They are still washing laundry for people here as well.  718-745-3365   24-48 hour turn-around or do your own.

3)  New Ovington Landrymat  277 Ovington Avenue (off Third Avenue) 718-745-8418

4)  Washclub NYC at 6305 5th Avenue picks up in Bay Ridge.

5) Avalon 8218 5th Avenue is open

6)Bayridge Laundromat  419 92nd Street

7) Laundry King on 4th Avenue and 98th Street (Marine) is also  open and has a parking lot.







Always at your Service
929-260-3242 (text or call)

9) E-Z Laundry Cleaners at 530 4th Avenue is picking up and washing in Bay Ridge   718-832-5445.

10) I saw the vehicle below and took its pic because some people may need a pick up and wash service.





Laundromats That are Closed:

1. Crystal Bubbles 

2. Bay Ridge Laundromat on 92nd






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