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November 20, 2017

Why is Nancy Tong Late to the Party AGAIN?


Nancy Tong is complaining about a law that was passed by NYC Council to stop illegal home conversions. (story by Kadia Goba)  The new law is here

Why is she doing this now?


Tong is connected to Mark Treyger who was one of the sponsors of the bill. Why didn’t Tong go to Treyger when the bill was written (in 2016) or when the bill was passed in May 2017 (incidently the bill passed with a vote of 49 to 0) or even when the bill took affect on September 1, 2017?  Why is Tong complaining about the law now when she could just call her friend, Mark Treyger and tell him to change the law to support the people.



The bill written by Councilman Gentile fines landlords of illegally converted homes. Warren Chan stepped forward with legitimate concerns about this in July 2016. Chan and Gentile spoke and then Chan even supported Gentile’s bill.  In 2016, Tong did not step up and support Warren Chan as Chan and his friend were running against Treyger and Colton. Tong was actually rude to him.



I’ve seen Ms. Nancy “Come Late to the Party” Tong  complain about a bill after it passed before. Tong works for Colton and Bill Colton did not speak up about the bill to  Yuh-Line Niou. I realized Nancy Tong was playing politics, so I asked Assemblywoman Niou if Colton spoke to her and she said no. 



What’s Nancy Tong’s new angle? What position is she seeking that she needs to make this statement so late?



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