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June 16, 2018

Late Nicole Malliotakis Pens a Press Release About SHSAT




The bill to do away with the SHSAT (Specialized High School Admission Test) was voted on in the Assembly Education Committee on June 6th. (See here)


Parents, students, Councilman Justin Brannan and Senator Golden protested last weekend.  Nicole Malliotakis didn’t bother even saying anything about the situation until June 14th when The Brooklyn Eagle published Malliotakis’ late opinion piece. She was busy playing the piano in Staten Island.



Nicole Malliotakis


Nicole Malliotakis should have been leading this fight as the bill originated and was voted on by the NY Assembly Education Committee on June 6th!






Malliotakis should have use social media to inform everyone of what was happening before the vote on June 6th.  Instead Mallitakis uses social media to take swipes at the Mayor because she doesn’t realize she lost the election last November. (See here and here)


This would have been an easy one for Malliotakis to fight, but she is too preoccupied.   Nicole Malliotakis isn’t a voice for the people, but rather a sleeping politician speaking out a week later. 


Here’s another politician who is too late to the party as well. Sleeping politicians are a bipartisan thing.




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