June 29, 2020

Justin Brannan Wants to Defund the Police?!

Update: Brannan voted in favor of this budget. 







The term that’s being used:  “Defund the Police”   is incorrect.  Brannan should have been the person to correct term (reorganize school security or transfer the school security from the NYPD to the Board of Education).   

On Twitter, some guy asked about Brannan’s vote. I was surprised by Justin’s response.   







Brannan is a member of the Progressive Caucus and that group issued this statement:




Brannan was included this file – see Tracker 4.0 at the top.



Using the term “defund the police” doesn’t move us forward. Getting the people who are protesting a fair deal and building a community of  trust with the NYPD should have been key.   

We just got a new captain at the 68th Precinct. The neighborhood gets a chance to have a fresh start….Can you imagine what the new captain will think when he finds out how Brannan voted on this?  It’s such a slap in the face to the NYPD. 

For our community, there has been more crime. People see there are more robberies and people walking around the neighborhood scoping things out during Covid-19. This isn’t the time to defund the police.






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