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  • August 6, 2017

    Justin Brannan Message

    I love Justin Brannan because he’s passionate about Bay Ridge and enjoys helping people. His message on Facebook today is below. Justin is down-to-earth and understands what Bay Ridge needs.


    Justin Brannan Bay Ridge values 

    “I’m fighting for a return to common sense. I’m looking for solutions to everyday issues — not solutions in search of problems.

    I’m fighting because I believe everyone deserves a fair shot at a good life no matter where you come from or what you look like. I believe if you work hard, play by the rules, and look out for your neighbors, there should be no ceiling on your happiness and success.

    I’m fighting because I believe we deserve more for all the taxes we pay. Great schools, safe streets, beautiful parks and reliable public transportation should be the norm not the exception.

    I’m fighting because I want to make life easier for those living paycheck to paycheck and because I believe those who have less shouldn’t be treated any differently than those who have more.”


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