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August 14, 2019

Justin Brannan Feeds Into the “Car Culture” Rhetoric




Whenever I hear someone in New York say “car culture,” I cringe.

People, bikes and cars have always existed in NYC. It’s possible, but there is going to be traffic, regardless of your mode of transportation.   The term ‘car culture’ is divisive rhetoric that puts NY’ers at odds with another, when most NY’ers use multiple means of transportation.

The ‘car culture’ term is being used by Streetblog and it’s sheep. The term allows Streetblog to unite cyclists in hate against drivers, instead of asking for better designed streets to include everyone. We need to worry when we hear politicians repeat the terms.

Even more concerning is if anyone looks into Streetsblog funding, they can see they get their big bucks from Mike Bloomberg. See hereBasically, Bloomberg owns Corey Johnson  and he doesn’t know it. Sadly, our Councilman just fell too.   I wonder if these Democrats realize whose owning them? Even stranger, Bloomberg was no friend of cyclists – see here – why is he interested in funding Streetsblog?






Brannan should be advocating his area, which has terrible train service.  Brannan’s household owns a SUV or caravan – someone from Marty Golden’s staff photographed it and put it on social media last year. And Justin has supported Uber repeatedly because he uses it frequently (and there is nothing wrong with that), but it is included in the cult against cars. 

See here:









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