December 23, 2019

Justin Brannan Rallies for Two-Year-Old Drone Bill

Eric Adams shared this picture here


It’s the end of the year and Councilman Justin Brannan is rallying for a bill he introduced two years ago! See here.   It’s strange that Brannan would have introduced that bill in 2018, just as he just started as our Councilman.  There was no mention of drones during his candidacy. 

Councilman Brannan wants to use drones to examine buildings. While out West, this would works well because there is more room. Brannan wrote an opt-ed in October for the Daily News – see here.  While he discussed the benefits of drones, Brannan failed to inform readers about the problems with drones.   

“Currently there is no way for officials  to identify the owner of a given drone or to track the location of drones that have been registered by a particular person. Even airports and power plants currently lack the legal authority to track drones.”  (Source

NYC would not benefit from legalizing drones. The ramifications of this bill on privacy should be a concern to any New Yorker. Safety for planes and helicopters could be compromised.  Finally, the amount of air traffic, accidents and chaos that could be created by drones, severely outweighs its use in NYC.

You know I love technology and I have a drone. But I am glad drones are not legal, except in designated areas. This is NYC and there are just so many issues with using drones here. See here



When Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights have so many needs, why would Brannan be so interested in this drone bill?  He introduced it within the first 30 days of being in office?  Who is the bill for?  Jeff Coltin wrote a thorough article on this topic in November. See here   

This week. Justin Brannan rallied for the two-year-old bill with Eric Adams. Eric Adams loves taking pictures, but he doesn’t do the work needed  to push reform in Brooklyn. 


Have you seen Eric Adams do anything for Dyker Heights besides take a picture? 

Eric Adams stood in photos for illegal conversions in the beginning of the fight, but then he stopped.  Here he is in 2015, here’s Eric in 2016   Nothing became of the photos, nothing was done about illegal conversions. Make sure not to vote for him for mayor.  But in 2017, Eric Adams sent his attorney, Andrew Gounardes for the picture.  In 2019, Eric Adams isn’t even at the table discussing the topic anymore. 

We are starting 2020…..and Dyker Heights has no relief on this topic… all.  Don’t we wish Brooklyn politicians would rally for Brooklyn FOR ONCE?





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