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  • July 10, 2017

    John Quaglione Never Cared About Parking in Bay Ridge Before

    John Quaglione Bay Ridge


    Kings County Politics reported that John Quaglione met with June Johnson of CB10 to discuss how Citibikes would affect parking in Bay Ridge. 


    For most people, this is not news! To John Quaglione, this is news because he is used to writing press releases for light topics and fooling us into thinking Golden is being productive. The trouble is that there are no press releases about important things like this


    Neither Marty Golden, nor his staffer, John Quaglione have ever taken on the issue of parking in this neighborhood. WHY? Because they both have parking outside their homes.


    When Cars2Go started to park their cars on our streets in 2015, Marty Golden didn’t do anything. John Quaglione was silent as the Cars2Go company used our streets to park for free instead of getting a garage like Zipcar and other car rental companies. Now Quaglione wants to make an issue about a few bike stands – Gimme a break!  


    Citibike puts the bikes wherever the council person says to put them. Many streets have put them on the sidewalk.


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