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September 30, 2013

John Quaglione Can’t Get Help for Himself – How Can He Help Bay Ridge?

John Quaglione has a Sunday morning complaint. Instead of filing a legitimate complaint to get help for Bay Ridge, Quaglione just complains on Twitter. Quaglione has worked for Senator Golden for 10+years. Yet, he doesn’t have  a connection to anyone who can help him with a problem. The 311 social media respondent tells Quaglione where to report the problem. Why doesn’t John Quaglione know where to report it after all these years?


john quaglione doesn't know where to get help from




In February 2013, Quaglione used Twitter to rant that his garbage wasn’t picked up. The Brooklyn Paper picked up QUaglione’s online complaining and it became the story of the week. When our garbage isn’t picked up, we call the Sanitation Supervisor who provided us with his cell phone number. Quaglione doesn’t have any connections through Golden?


You can read about Quaglione’s terrible communication and our experience with him at Golden’s office here.




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