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September 14, 2017

John Alexander’s Duplicate Article Misses the Bay Ridge Voting Fever

Democratic Voting Fever Bay Ridge Brooklyn

On September 13 at 12:22 pm,  writer, Paula Katinas published an article about the winners of the Democrat and Republican primary. At 12:55 pm, John Alexander published a separate article about John Quaglione.  Did John Alexander think Paula Katinas didn’t do a sufficient write up on the election? Although we don’t usually enjoy Katinas’ articles, we thought she covered the election well.


John Alexander’s write up mimicked Katinas’ facts, except it provided some very one-sided information.  Alexander printed a Marty Golden’s quotes without providing any backup facts, as most papers in Bay Ridge do.  


John Alexander did not write an additional article about Justin Brannan, who 3,500+ residents came out to support. Nor did John Alexander do a separate article on El-Yateem who inspired 2800+ voters to come out for him, which was a thousand more than Quaglione.  Why wouldn’t John Alexander want Bay Ridge to know about the Democrat voting fever happening in our hood?  


Bay Ridge Democrats September primary 2017


I looked a little further into John Alexander’s writing and found something informative, but very strange. 


John Alexander wrote about Senator Golden hosting a Lion and Dance Festival in September. That’s strange Senator Golden held another Asian Festival as they just celebrated The 15th Annual Asian Pacific Heritage Celebration  at McKinley Park on May 28, 2017.  In February, Golden held a Lunar New Year Event  at New Utrecht High.


John Alexander’s article doesn’t mention any significance to holding this type of festival in September. I am pretty familiar with Asian celebrations and festivals and the Asian Mid-Autumn Festival is October 4th this year. Why would Senator Golden hold an event on September 10th? (The next Asian holiday is October 4th). Why does the article have a lot of information about John Quaglione when the festival was about Asian culture?  The article was published the day before the primary and significantly mentions John Quaglione.  


Strangely, John Alexander was also the moderator for the Republican debate.  He’s featured here in an article he wrote about  John Quaglione. In July, John Alexander featured John Quaglione crying about fireworks on social media on the evening of July 4th! 


I hope Senator Golden has enough money to do the Haunted Halloween walk in Owl’s Head Park!  These celebrations are not cheap.




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