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January 13, 2019

It’s All in the Wording…….Why Kadia Goba’s Reporting is Important to Us






From those underlined words above, it sounds like the building is being sold from under the store by a greedy landlord. 

Stores are closing all over Bay Ridge and people are blaming greedy landlords.

But not so fast…..journalists in this area may cover similar stories, but Kadia Goba, journalist for Bklyner always has a little bit more in her articles. Sometimes her articles are breaking stories that are shared all over social media and other times they are informative articles that help the community.

Here, Kadia Goba wrote:




The owner of the business is the property owner. Why wouldn’t she just say it was time to sell her property and the business?   Property Shark value. The owner has been in Bay Ridge for 20 years. Since she purchased the property, it has increased quite a bit which shows the area is very vibrant!

It’s strange that the owner didn’t just write, “I am selling the building.”

But I am glad we have Kadia Goba reporting on the whole issue!




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