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March 16, 2016

Green Bagels, Irish Soda Bread and Food in Bay Ridge


st pats


Where can I get green bagels in Bay Ridge?



  • Bake Ridge Bagels by Terranovas – 9417- 3rd Avenue


green bagels


  • Bagel Boy 8002 – 3rd Avenue   has the green bagels every year, but they also started carrying the popular rainbow bagels


bagel boy green and rainbow bagels bay ridge




Best Corned Beef and Cabbage in Bay Ridge



For St. Patrick’s Day, we always cook our own corned beef and cabbage. But this blog received several requests asking, “Where can I get the best corned  beef and cabbage in Brooklyn?”


Many years ago, I went to Kennedy’s in Breezy Point, but there food didn’t have the same flavor as my family’s recipe. I would think the closest in Brooklyn would be Buckley  2926 Avenue S


  • The Wicked Monk 9510 3rd Avenue has good corned beef and cabbage – we had it last year.





  • Pippins Pub – 9023 3rd Avenue – I heard their corned beef and cabbage is great. 2018 – this is where I am going!



  • Kettle Black’s menu:



kettle black st. patricks day menu


  • O’Sullivans 8902 3rd Avenue  – We never had it.


  • Salty Dog 7509 – 3rd Avenue



  • Brooklyn Market sells corned beef and cabbage to pick up and bring home, but I haven’t tried it.


  • M&M’s deli (behind the Bean Post) sells corned beef and cabbage and I was told it’s good. 


  • Mike’s Deli – 4th Avenue between 95th and 96th  They deliver 718=238-5200




Not So Irish Alternatives:


  • 95th Street Dinner has a St. Patrick’s dinner for $14.95 plus tax – 718-238-5151 – they deliver 


  • Brooklyn Firefly has corned beef calzones




  • Annabelle’s Italian Restaurant – 86th Street




  • Tanoreen Middle Eastern Restaurant which is well known for it’s amazing brussel sprouts, has corned beef with a lot of spices (which is not traditional at all, but I bet it’s delicious)  Tanoreen is at 7523 3rd Avenue.  See their menu





Schnitzel Haus – Bay Ridge’s German Restaurant has corned beef and cabbage on their seamless menu. Schnitzel Haus is at 7319 5th Avenue $15.00.  If you like thickly cut corned beef, this place is for you!



New for 2018 – Loco Lobo 86th Street and 3rd Avenue – they have a green drink – for the Irish who love Mexican food.







Where can I get Irish soda bread in Bay Ridge?  Again, this is something we make ourselves.




  • Brooklyn Market had fresh soda bread last year when we decided to make a second St. Pats meal for some family who were out of town. It was good soda bread.


  • I’ve had Leske’s soda bread – it’s not what I am used to, but it’s okay.


  • A friend said she bought hers at Panentico and it was good (but she also said Irish soda bread was just bread with raisins, so what does she know?)


  • Tasty Pastry has soda bread with seeds or without.  Also Tastry Pastry sells the diabetic, sugar free soda bread if you need it for the Irishman who has diabetes.




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