December 31, 2015

How We Ended 2015 – We Went to Gargiulo’s Restaurant!

I had never been to Gargiulo’s, but I had heard about their amazing food for years! Recently a friend picked up trays of food from Gargiulo’s for a Christmas party and it reminded me to go!  We went for dinner last night and found both the food and service were outstanding!  I love this place!


From the outside it looks like a regular catering hall in Coney Island. Inside it is beautiful, especially since the room was decorated for Christmas with garland and giant red ribbons. A Santa and large soldiers adorn the foyer area of Gargiulo’s.



I ordered the seafood risotto – OMG it was so good. The risotto was creamy and delicious. Clams and mussels surrounded it, while shrimp, calamari and scallops covered the risotto. It was fantastic. The fish was so tender and flavorful, especially the shrimp and mussels. It came with a potato croquette. I usually put pepper on hot food . I didn’t even reach for the pepper and realized afterwards that I didn’t use pepper because the food was seasoned well (below).


Gargiulo Restaurant Brooklyn

Lee had the veal marsala which was served with a plate of mixed vegetables. Lee is a former restaurant chef and thinks he makes the best veal marsala, so he hardly ever orders it. After eating Gargiulo’s veal marsala, he said it was fantastic and he would order it again!  He ordered spinach and a huge plate of spinach cooked with garlic and oil was brought to the table.


Veal Marsala Gargiulo

Lee’s mixed vegetables came with the veal marsala. He also ordered spinach (look at the huge plate they gave him).


Delicious Food Gargiulos



IMG_1842People blurred on purpose.


Across the street from Gargiulo’s is a large parking lot with an attendant which is fantastic, especially for a weekday evening. As we were leaving Gargiulo’s, Lee said that we will be returning with our extended family in the Spring because he wanted them to see Gargiulo’s as well!


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