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April 14, 2016

How do I Have a Birthday Party in Owls Head Park or another Park in Brooklyn?

How can I have a birthday party at Shore Road Park?  Do I need a permit to have a party at Owls Head Park?How many days before do I need to get a parks permit?


Do I need a park permit if I want to have a birthday party in Owls Head Park?


If you have less than 20 people attending the party in the park, you do not need a park permit. Just arrive early at the park and section off the area you need with some streamers or balloons so other patrons don’t take your perfect party spot. Most families will send one person earlier in the day to hang out in their spot.

If you have over 20 people attending the barbecue, then you need to apply for a permit and pay $25 to the Parks Department – application here   You need to do this 21-30 days before the date to be approved. This is good though because then you have a permit and if someone else is in your area, you can show them your permit – it’s like a reservation :)

Many people have parties without a permit, but if it is a busy Summer day or a lot of barbecues being used then someone may be checking permits.


Can I barbecue in the park?

Owls Head has no barbecuing allowed signs up.   Only  parks which are listed here and areas of those parks that have be designated as barbecue areas. Here’s a map of Prospect Park. The small grill pictures all over the map shows the areas where you can barbecue.


Who will deliver food to the park? 

Rocky & Nicky’s Pizzeria is close by and they will deliver pizza to you – just tell them where you are.


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