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March 4, 2018

A Hotel is Coming to Bay Ridge – Like it or Not




What’t happening across the street from PS 104 on 5th Avenue and 92nd Street? A hotel is coming to the empty lot next to the Windows R Us store across the street from PS/IS 104. This was announced at the CB 10 Meeting on February 26, 2018.


This building is going to be pretty high – 70 feet high so it will probably be as tall as the building across the street from St. Patrick’s Church – that’s seven stories- see here.   The lot goes from 5th Avenue to 4th Avenue (BP Gas Station is on the other side). 


Why didn’t the Department of Education grab this lot for a pre-school? 


Why hasn’t Marty Golden written a bill to stop Mayor deBlasio from using hotels as shelters? (See here)  Pam Harris isn’t going to do anything because she has her own issues, so Marty should have by now!  But he’s busy writing bills for the cigarette industry….see here


It’s great if it actually is a hotel for visitors to use as there is only one hotel in Bay Ridge. In Sunset Park, Brooklyn, developers have put up hotels and then the hotels weren’t occupied so the owners applied to have homeless people put in them. While this is a commercial area, there is a school across the street so this could be a problem! 


Also some hotels get used by men using prostitutes in the evening, so that could be a concern for this community as well.


I can see parents at the school having a problem with this. 


*Truth be told: This was the first I heard of this and I felt like it was buried behind other less important news.






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