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January 23, 2018

Hope Count in Brooklyn Last Night




Hope Count 2018  was a failure – just like Hope Count 2017. In 2015 and 2016, NYC found out an estimate of the homeless on the street AND NYC failed to help that amount of people. Now we have at least double that number – no one needs to count….we all know it. Instead of acting to help people, moments like Hope Count are held so people can feel like they are doing something.  


Last night between 10 pm and 2 am, while many of us were counting sheep, HOPELESS Count 2018 happened. While the NY city may not know the exact number that are homeless, they have a round-about number. Can you imagine being homeless and someone is coming by at night to count you as if you are the unwanted inventory of NYC. Why not buy these people some hot pizza or soup and give them a fresh blanket – make the evening worthwhile in actually helping some of these men and women?


Will tonight’s number change anything? NOPE not a thing. It didn’t change a thing last year either and everyone is hoping we are too busy to notice. NYC doesn’t have a path to end homelessness. What has been setup is a system to help a very small portion of people get off the street. Those who are mentally ill have the least chance of getting a place. Why? Many homeless say they want to stay on the street and the city leaves them there because that’s part of their procedure in “listening to them.” People often refuse help when they are afraid – even people who aren’t mentally ill do this.


Why is this an issue for Bay Ridge? Bay Ridge has seen a lot more homeless on our main streets and also in setting up shelters in our parks (even very small park-like sitting areas). I know many people want these people moved because they are unsightly, but they have no where to go. They come here because they want to be able to put their head down and sleep without getting robbed. 


But don’t worry, the City or Breaking Ground wasted no expense on designing a logo (another logo here and one below too) for the Hope Count cause every homeless count event in the United States needs a logo right? How else can the not-for-profit, Breaking Ground show that they are doing something?







Then they have a  commemorative sweatshirt for the counters to wear with another logo on it. Because it’s not a homeless count unless someone wears a two-sided printed sweatshirt to show you counted the homeless people in NYC. And it’s like a party favor to take home and show others, you did good by counting people living on the street. Free promotional items might make those who counted feel better about homeless, but it isn’t going to help those who are homeless, but it isn’t going to help those who are homeless. We have money to burn NYC, but we don’t have people who know how to get homeless off the street.






In a few days there will be a video because not-for-profits have to show that they did something. But no one is breaking ground here on the issue of homelessness, people are just going through the motions to make it look like “something is happening.” 




When you want something to happen, let me know. I will lend you my husband and he will build places for people to live – whether it’s in a big factory or on the streets. There are other men like my husband (and women too) who are ready to build – but NYC isn’t ready to think differently and do something about the problem.  He can build some homes like this or this or get a warehouse and he will build rooms to divide up the place. This place would be perfect, but Brand Lander and Mayor deBlasio don’t want the homeless shelter in their backyard (even though it’s mostly a commercial area).


Notice the printed signs and of course a printed photo backdrop in this video……money to burn.




You can see the #HopeCount pictures….yeah why are people taking pictures of the homeless. Stop that! When someone is down, you don’t take a photo of them because you have nothing better to do! 


Councilman Brannan was involved as a leader in tonight’s Hope Count. When the numbers return,  will Brannan hold Bill deBlasio accountable to help the homeless on the streets in Bay Ridge?  We’ll see, but I don’t think so.  No one holds deBlasio accountable – everyone just keeps counting……like sheep.



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