September 12, 2020

Two Homes on Fire – 74th Street Dyker Heights


NYC FireWire shared this photo



On Saturday night, right before midnight, there was a five alarm fire in Dyker Heights.



The fire extended across these two homes on 74th Street. The newspaper this morning said that over 200 firefighters fought the fire.   


In both homes, the families lost everything – even their pictures.

1)  There is a GoFundMe Account here.


2)  The GoFundMe for the other home – see here.   

3) And for this family – See here


The was a strong burnt smell was in the air – even down in Bay Ridge.  And we heard the sirens of fire engines racing towards Dyker Heights.


The first address that was given was 1330 – 74th Street.  See videos of the fire

In the video below, you can see the courageous firefighters working inside the home on the second floor.





You can hear the sirens of more engines going down to Dyker.

There is smell in the air all the way in Bay Ridge.  The smoke was so thick around the homes.

The fire went on until 5:00 am. 

A cat is missing.  Thankfully, no human lives were lost. Some people and firefighters were injured. 








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One Response to “Two Homes on Fire – 74th Street Dyker Heights”

  1. Dehumidifier Says:
    September 13th, 2020 at 8:29 am

    Question for people with firefighting knowledge. When the firefighters arrive do they wet down the adjacent houses to try to prevent spreading or do they just concentrate on the building that is burning? After rescuing people of course.