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January 6, 2018

Happy Anniversary Bay Ridge Rocks!

Bay Ridge Rocks



Bay Ridge Rocks just celebrated it’s one year anniversary. If you don’t know what Bay Ridge Rocks is, you need to look around a bit more when you are walking around the neighborhoods. Adults and children design, paint and decorate rocks. They leave them around the neighborhood so others feel excited when they come across a beautiful rock.


Some of the rocks are absolutely gorgeous and some simply have messages for hope and happiness.  If the organizers were wondering if what they were doing was worthwhile…..it is. One day I was on Third Avenue and I saw a child about 7 years old find a special rock. The child looked at that rock like they just found a diamond – it was a treasured possession from the very start.   






I remember when they started doing it last year right after the presidential election. While the news was filled with stories of Trump, these parents stepped away from all the media hype and did what Bay Ridge parents do best – have fun and enjoy life!


Congratulations on a wonderful year of creativity, art, hope and sharing!


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