March 21, 2020

Hand Sanitizer in Bay Ridge



*If you know of any places or see one of these have sold out – please leave a comment.




Stores with Hand Sanitizer in Bay Ridge: 


1) Walgreens – 3rd Avenue and 95th Street – you have to ask for it at the register. One per customer.  Before you go check here – it will tell you if it is in stock.  3/25 – In stock


2)  Teba Pharmacy 7618 5th Avenue 347-517-4833.  They make their own 75% alcohol. 180 ml  – $10.99

3) Brooklyn Pet Supply 8403 5th Avenue has 4 oz. hand sanitizer for $2.49.   646-628-6314. 62% Alcohol 

4) D2 at 8701 – 4th Avenue has a gallon size hand sanitizer for $9.  They keep it behind the registers on the 1st floor, so you have to ask the cashier for it.

5) Nile Pharmacy 6924 4th Avenue has hand sanitizer with 62% alcohol.     $5 – 1.8 ounce (Alcohol has to be 70% or higher to fight coronavirus)

5) Hardware Store on 3rd Avenue and 79th had sanitizer and anti-bacterial soap.



6)  Bay Chemist Pharmacy at 8702 – 5th Avenue has hand sanitizer.  16 ounce bottle $15 

7) 99 cents store on 3rd Avenue and 80th Street – they are out now. 



8) Lin’s International Grocery at 7718 – 18th Avenue – small bottle $10

<9) Bath and Body Works on 86th Street had the small bottles in stock – NOT ANY MORE





Hand Sanitizer Outside Bay Ridge:

1) Target allows customers to purchase one hand sanitizer. They were restocking before closing.

2) Restaurant Depot or Jetro had hand sanitizer (you have to be a business/restaurant to shop there)

3) GOOD NEWS – Distilleries are now making hand sanitizer. Here is the one in Brooklyn.

Hand Sanitizer Online:


1) Bath and Body Works online had small bottles – they had them on 3/20, but it was out when I went online. They wrote to check daily – See page








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