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February 27, 2018

Guardians of the Guardians Call for Landmarking




Often people just think of the front of the large building they see, but Angel Guardian is a huge and magnificent property in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. The property is surrounding by walls, but people don’t realize the beautiful structures or park-like backyard. This Sister of Mercy have sold this property.


The Guardians of the Guardian is a group seeking to preserve the building and land because of it’s uniqueness – – not only to the area, but to Brooklyn (go here and zoom in to look at it).  Frank Rossi, a member the Guardians for the Guardian spoke at the CB 10 Meeting on February 26th. Rossi stressed the importance of  land-marking The Angel Guardian Home and Grounds because it is unique. One thing that was apparent is that Frank Rossi loves Brooklyn and knows the importance of preserving Brooklyn’s history.



Frank Rossi at CB 10’s Meeting


Rossi noted that many old structures are being discarded, but the Angel Guardian Home was built over 100 years ago and it is unique. Dyker Heights doesn’t have any buildings that are landmarked. This neighborhood treasure needs to be saved and preserved.


Carl Esposito, Guardians of the Guardian



Carl Esposito, also a member of the Guardians of the Guardian spoke at the CB 10 meeting . Esposito says the Angel Guardian site should be land-marked because it is intact for 115 years, it’s unique and the gardens are beautiful. Esposito lives in the area and noted how much residents enjoyed how much the beautiful land brings to the area and environment. I loved hearing him speak so passionately about this property – he’s a true Brooklynite. 


The executive director of the Historic Districts Council, Simeon Bankoff, also agrees that the structure and property are property’s architectural is unique and the building has historical significance. See here


The Guardians of the Guardian are calling on the Mayor and the Land Preservation Committee of NYC to see the uniqueness of this structure and landmark it.



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