June 14, 2018

Grimm Won the NY1 Debate on June 14th




Dan Donovan was sleepy and stumbled over his words. It was mostly a low key debate.


Grimm came on strong, but not too strong. He was sharp and able to speak well on many topics.  Donovan had paper in his pocket about e-mails, but he couldn’t deliver the message. Maybe this is why Donovan doesn’t hold Town Hall meetings.


*We* know for sure our taxes are going up next year.


Neither candidate mentioned Bay Ridge. Brooklyn was mentioned at the end of the debate at 7:50 pm. 


Neither candidate used public transportation in 7 months.  Neither candidate supported Marty Golden’s bill to change the spelling of the Verrazano Bridge.



Grimm showed Dan Donovan plays politics while in office (someone needs to show the letter Donovan wrote to Cuomo and then it will be a done deal). 


Errol Louis was a fantastic moderator.



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