July 29, 2020

Gounardes JUST Noticed Something Was Wrong



Before he was a Senator, Andrew Gounardes was able to call out when something wasn’t right.  But politics changed him and he just noticed TODAY that something was wrong with Thrive NYC. 


Here’s Andrew’s tweet:




Why is it a problem that Andrew only noticed this NOW?

The media has pointed out there was a problem for 10 months. See herehere, here, here & here 


Gounardes voted for bail reform. Many of the people in jail have mental issues that have never been addressed, but need to be. Bail reform *should not* have been done so loosely without seeing that mental issues  *were* going to be addressed.

In April, a professor named Marc Lamparello was arrested in NYC’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral for walking into the church with gas cans. (See here) Marc was released from Rikers, even though he had schizophrenia.  Marc was not provided with mental health support and he jumped from the Verrazzano Bridge on April 17th. See here 

Marc’s family wrote to this blog because they were distraught and wanted people to know that Marc didn’t receive mental health help after his release.





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