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June 22, 2019

Gounardes, Brannan and Frontus Override CB 10’s Decision


I didn’t realize the terrible impact of this decision at first. 

I wanted to believe that these “good people” were doing the right thing for our community. 

While out at a local place on 3rd Avenue, we got into a discussion with some residents who read some Internet news that came up in Google. More articles continued to pop up and all echoed the same thing. 

It should be noted that pols sent a letter to Keith Bray and in LIGHTING SPEED, the Department of Transportation responded saying the bike lanes were approved. Have we seen anything happen that quickly? (The traffic light near Century’s happened that fast).   YUP….this is not good.

Our elected representatives didn’t tell Bay Ridge resident how the Department of Transportation (DOT)  responded. Instead Streetsblog wrote: “On Wednesday, the DOT told Streetsblog”   REALLY? So the DOT has someone sitting there calling a blog? LOL.  We know one of our representatives told the special interest group that he had taken care of things for them.  (See here)

How’s that for them planting the story to their special interest group who were banging on them?  You will notice that neither Brannan, Gounardes or Frontus shared anything about this on social media, even though all have active Facebook and Twitter accounts. Cowards much?  Corruption exists in this silence. AND THEY WANT US TO JUST ACCEPT THE CORRUPTION.

Here’s  the story to our community which didn’t come out until much later than what the special interest group received.  We could feel  Doris Cruz’ sentiments. How Honky-dory that the story is name,  “Bay Ridge is getting Bike Lanes Afterall.”  This is called “playing the media…..we are all very familiar with that. Some journalists can be played a lot easier than others. We wish Kadia Goba was around.  We know which politician planted this story because he used the same journalist each time to do his releases.  #Gotcha 

Finally, Councilman Brannan appointed the Dan to CB 10 – Dan is the guy who wrote incorrectly about the Community Board Meeting and CB 10 had to take the time write the truth. Seriously, Councilman Brannan couldn’t have been any more disrespectful. It’s good he doesn’t need our votes in the next election. 




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