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  • January 7, 2018

    450 Households in Bay Ridge Without Water Temporarily…..Got Brown Water?


    UPDATE: 450 households in Bay Ridge are without because the DEP had to shut down the water main on 92nd Street between Colonial and Shore Road due to a leak causing damage. 





    8:00 PM– DEP has shut off water to buildings near 92 & Shore temporarily in order to expedite repairs.

    7:20– Run at the tap until clear, the discoloration is rust, so it won’t taste good enough to drink and it could stain laundry, but it is not hazardous.

    7:00 PM– DEP emergency crews are on scene of a water main break at 92 & Shore. This is cause of brown water throughout area. 


    If you have brown water in Bay Ridge, you are not alone.


    What is causing the brown water in Bay Ridge?




    Call 311 and report your brown water.





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