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  • February 13, 2017

    Glad to See Sunset Park Challengers to Carlos Menchaca

    Carlos Menchaca hasn’t been a good Councilman for Sunset Park.

    I grew up in Sunset Park.  It’s a community of people with a lot of heart and love for their neighbors. The City continuously throws junk at Sunset Park like hotels for the homeless  because Carlos Menchaca is a weak leader.  It’s never looked worse. Menchaca wasn’t even around to defend the area against the hotels for the homeless in Sunset Park. Protesters from Queens came in to stand with the people of Sunset Park because they knew what it was like to have the city use their area the same way. People live with their families in these neighborhoods. And the Councilperson needs to be someone who is strong and can stand up to the establishment. Menchaca can’t do that – he hasn’t done it all these years.  Ortiz is against this and would be a strong opponent to Menchaca – he could easily knock Menchaca out. 



    I am really glad to hear that Delvis Valdes is thinking of running.  The area needs fresh blood and this hometown man will lead the area with his heart. Valdes is a winner – he’s a businessman and an attorney so he can fight the system with the law. Menchaca hasn’t been able to do this.  Let’s hope Valdes throws his hat in so Menchaca moves on.


    Industry City wants to have a trolley going through Sunset Park and Menchaca isn’t strong enough to fight them. But Valdes would be strong on this. 

    Menchaca hasn’t found a home in Sunset Park so he isn’t connected to the area – look at where he lives.  Menchaca is  counting on the people of Sunset Park staying home and not voting. 


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